Thursday, June 28, 2012

Continue to Rip Off Oakland, We Will Stop Doing Business With You

By Beth Kean and Felipe Cuevas
from California Progress Report

Members of Oakland community groups, religious leaders, and city workers packed the Finance Committee meeting Tuesday to demand Goldman Sachs cancel the harmful “interest rate swap” deal without a $15 million payout to the bank. Our City Council leaders joined us in standing up to Goldman Sachs and voted to negotiate with the bank to terminate the toxic deal without the $15 million payout to the bank— and added that if the bank refuses, to stop doing business with Goldman Sachs.  Why would we ever do business again with someone who ripped us off?
Councilmember Jane Brunner introduced the motion that called for (1) City staff to negotiate with Goldman Sachs to terminate the swap deal without the termination fees currently estimated at $15.5 million, (2) To report back in 60 days on the progress of negotiations, and (3) If Goldman is unwilling to negotiate, to stop doing business with Goldman Sachs. City Finance Committee Chair Ignacio de la Fuente supported the Brunner motion saying, “The difference here is that we bailed out this bank. We need to use the economic power we have to send a message.” Councilmember Desley Brooks also supported the motion and asked all her colleagues to do the same. The motion will go to the full City Council next week on Tuesday, July 3, 2012.

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